Anemos Luxury Grand Resort

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Anemos Luxury Grand Resort

The Anemos Luxury Grand Resort is a new 5-star hotel with luxury suites and a spa in Georgioupoli, Chania, next to an expansive sandy beach in northern Crete.

The challenge:

We started working on the hotel's digital marketing even before it opened its doors, when the only tool available for direct sales was its photorealistic images. We had to work methodically to build brand exposure and reach the appropriate audience with adverts (Google Ads, Facebook Ads). At the same time, our challenge was to achieve a high return on ad spend (ROAS).

Start date


We began by creating a one-page site with photorealistic images of the hotel and developed an integrated strategy for brand exposure (press releases, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others) for a specific target group, while also striving to generate website traffic.

We then designed the hotel’s new website with quality content, and continued with actions to increase brand exposure, ROAS and visitor traffic. We also created a newsletter to maintain contact with hotel guests.


Already in the first year (November 2015-October 2016), our actions on Google Ads earned 491,940 impressions, 15,597 direct visits to the hotel website and a ROAS of 553.27%. Through Facebook Ads, we chalked up 580,000 impressions and almost 20,000 link clicks, despite having a very small budget to work with.

In subsequent years, these numbers grew exponentially and in the period November 2018-October 2019, they amounted to 1,800,000 impressions, a ROAS of 1,545.56% and direct bookings making up 55% of total online sales. Impressions in Facebook and Instagram ads exceeded 1 million.